Lower Body Lift

Surgeon examining female body before plastic operation

As people go through the normal wear and tear of their everyday lives, their bodies can undergo a tremendous transformation. Childbearing, gravity, the aging process, and weight changes can all have dramatic impacts on the appearance of the lower body. One of the most obvious changes that people will notice is an increased amount of weight that might develop in the midsection around the beltline. In fact, this is exactly the issue that is addressed during a lower body lift procedure. This represents a transformational procedure that can give many people the appearance that they once knew and loved.

Did You Know…?

A lower body lift procedure is actually a combination of several different procedures. Over the course of the operation, a cosmetic surgeon will perform a tummy tuck procedure around the beltline, a buttock lift procedure on the back side, and a thigh lift procedure that will address any cosmetic issues on the inner and outer areas of the thigh. This is the most comprehensive aesthetic surgery procedure available for addressing cosmetic issues related to the lower body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before undergoing a lower body lift procedure, many people will have questions about the surgical operation. It is important to get any and all issues addressed by your cosmetic surgeon prior to the day of the operation. Some of the most commonly asked questions are answered below.

Are all of the procedures involved in this operation performed at the same time?

It is common for people to undergo all three procedures during the same operative period. If the operative conditions change or if there are concerns during the procedure, sometimes the surgeon might stop the procedure and address these concerns prior to moving forward.

What kinds of problems is a lower body lift used to address?

There are several problems that can be corrected using a lower body lift. For example, some people have experienced a separation of their abdominal muscles that exercise cannot fix. For these patients, their abdominal muscles will be brought back together by removing the excess tissue. In addition, people who have changed weight significantly may have excess skin or tissue that needs to be removed. Furthermore, many people have excess fat that they would like to have taken off as well. All of these problems can be addressed during the course of this operation.

How is this procedure performed?

This procedure is unique because most lower body lifts are performed using a circumferential incision around the entire belt line. Then, the excess skin and fat are removed. The stomach muscles will be brought closer together and the skin will be tightened prior to closing the incision. This will help to restore the contour and shape to the midsection of the body. Anyone with interests or questions about a lower body lift should contact our office. Our doctors has witnessed the joy on countless patients’ faces when they see the results. Contact the office today to schedule an appointment!

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