Plastic surgery doctor draw lines with marker on patient belly

Mommy Makeover

Many people decide to have children over the course of their lives. For women in their childbearing years, many wish for nothing more than to have happy and healthy children; however, many women desire to have their bodies appear the same way they did before having children. The pregnancy and child-rearing process can have a […]

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Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, is the removal of excess fat from the body – usually for cosmetic purposes. Liposuction can be performed on nearly every area of the body that is notorious for storing stubborn fat. For many patients, liposuction is a last resort after years of diet and exercise. Although liposuction is not […]

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Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a popular surgical procedure that uses your own fat (unlike skin excision butt lifts or buttock implants) which is then placed in the buttocks to gain volume, create symmetry and shape to your buttocks. Many patients have concerns regarding their appearance, especially the projection of their behind. Over time, people may […]

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Abdominoplasty – or tummy tuck – is a surgical procedure used to remove excess, unneeded or unwanted skin and fat from the abdomen. Most patients who undergo a tummy tuck achieve smoother, flatter and well-toned abdomens that are unachievable with diet and exercise alone. Different types of abdominoplasties exist and are chosen depending on how […]

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Picture of what brachioplasty looks like


As people age, their appearance changes and many people struggle with confidence, self-esteem issues, or other personal problems related to their appearance. Some procedures, such as a brachioplasty (arm lift), provide people with a way to improve their confidence and self-esteem. Brachioplasty procedure is performed on the arm and is a way to reduce the […]

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Surgeon preparing woman for thigh lift surgery

Thigh Lift

It’s not unusual for people to develop sagging skin on their thigh as they age. While this might be a normal part of aging, it’s also not unusual for people to want to invest in a thigh lift procedure to correct the cosmetic issues. During the procedure, the excess skin is taken off, and the […]

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It’s not unusual for women to develop sagging elongated skin of their labia minora after child birth or naturally have asymmetrical or large labia. It’s also not uncommon for women to feel self-conscious or experience pain or chaffing when doing activities like running, biking, wearing tight clothing or even make intercourse painful. Fortunately, there are […]

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Surgeon examining female body before plastic operation

Lower Body Lift

As people go through the normal wear and tear of their everyday lives, their bodies can undergo a tremendous transformation. Childbearing, gravity, the aging process, and weight changes can all have dramatic impacts on the appearance of the lower body. One of the most obvious changes that people will notice is an increased amount of […]

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Male Breast Reduction – Reduction Mammaplasty Gynecomastia, (male breast enlargement) although the exact cause is unknown, it is believed that a hormone imbalance leads to increased male breast size.  Medications, obesity, low testosterone, certain medical conditions, and even normal puberty can cause gynecomastia. Excess male breast tissue, although common, can lead to self-consciousness, embarrassment, decreased […]

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